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Does 7 Days Of Sex Really Work? [EXPERT] | Larissa Rzemienski | YourTango

Lifetime television has a new reality series called, “7 Days of Sex,” which follows two couples per week as they are assigned to have sex 7 days in a row. The cameras follow them each step of the way to see what happens during this mini-experiment. The hope is that each couple will spice up their bedroom life, renew their commitment to one another, and transform their marriage.

The idea of a therapist assigning sex is not a new one. The idea of 30 days of sex abounds in books, magazines, and even at church. In fact a Florida pastor made the national news after asking his married patrons to engage in an experiment of 30 straight days of sex. Pastor Paul Wirth of Relevant Church cited a statistic that 20 million Americans who are married have sex less than 10 times a year.

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