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After Decades of Mystery, Has the G-Spot Been Found? | Popular Science

Adam Ostrzenski, a gynecological surgeon who specializes in cosmetic procedures in St. Petersburg, Florida, published his headline-grabbing study today in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. In it, he describes finding the organ during a dissection of an 83-year-old female cadaver in Poland.

But the author of a review of studies published earlier this year on the mysterious erogenous zone says Ostrzenski’s organ isn’t the G-spot — and that there probably is no G-spot as we know it…. He says there are major problems with the new study, including that it was a single dissection of a woman whose “genito-urinary” history was unknown, and that no physiologic testing of the specimen was conducted to determine if it played any role in arousal. “I don’t think this study takes us any closer to finding the G-spot,” he says. Ostrzenski included pictures of the organ in his paper, but Kilchevsky thinks they are more likely to depict “clitoral bodies” or a vaginal gland not involved in arousal, like those that secrete lubrication. [emphasis mine]

Dead or alive, I think we can all agree that we’re happy that there was no physiologic testing of the 83 year-old’s supposed G-spot.

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Eating meat speeds reproduction in early humans. - Los Angeles Times

If early humans had been vegans we might all still be living in caves, Swedish researchers suggested in an article Thursday.

When a mother eats meat, her breast-fed child’s brain grows faster and she is able to wean the child at an earlier age, allowing her to have more children faster, the article explains. That provided a distinct competitive advantage for early humans when limited resources and a small population made it difficult for them to thrive.

Yay, meat!

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