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Why Smart People Are Actually Dumb

you can be insanely intelligent, and still fall foul when it comes simple problems because of deviations in judgment—which are known as “cognitive bias”.

The results are unnerving. Firstly, awareness of bias in one’s thinking doesn’t help. As the researchers explain: “people who were aware of their own biases were not better able to overcome them.” Dammit.

Turns out that intelligence makes things worse, too. Writing in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology they explain that “more cognitively sophisticated participants showed larger bias blind spots.” In fact, that finding held across many different biases, and individuals who deliberated longer seemed to be even more susceptible to making mistakes. Double dammit.

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Nine Ways To Make Yourself Smarter

A recent study demonstrated that repeating words helps the mind concentrate on what you’re repeating—in fact, it can even help you find things. In tests, the researchers showed that people can find objects—like a tin on a superstore shelf—much faster if they just repeat the name of the product they’re looking for.

If that sounds like child’s play, then why not embrace your inner kid and set aside some work time to daydream? Work right out of the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Science confirms that working memory capacity—the kind you use for temporary storage of information during longer tasks—is much higher in people who daydream. The best part? Working memory is directly correlated with IQ—people who daydream are in fact smarter.

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